Are We Doomed?

Garth Turner 2008 – “An anti-real estate mood has swept America. Within months it will be here”

MacLean’s Magazine 2012 – “There is evidence the tide may already be turning in Canada’s housing market.”

Homer Simpson season 3 – “It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.”

I don’t try to predict the future of the real estate market. Anyone who claims they knew the realm estate market in the Lower Mainland would appreciate at such a fervent rate in recent years is a liar. We are all shocked!

At 25 years of age I bought my 1st home. I was afraid, $67,000 was a lot of money for us newly weds. Over the years we have bought and sold numerous times. Some deals looked great at the time others felt less sure. In the long run all paid off. I can honestly say that in my my 25+ year career there has been no time that I would have regretted buying two years earlier.

I don’t know what tomorrow will look like but I know our population is growing and I know that we are living in the best place in Canada, perhaps the best place on earth. Buy and hold.